The EGA Law Firm

Eduardo Gurgel & Associates Law Firm was founded by Eduardo Gurgel fifteen years ago. Its objective is to offer a modern jurisdictional structure to its client’s problems and litigations.

Being one of the first law firms in Natal, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, to deal with Real Estate Law, its large experience in this specific area together with its practice in Corporative, Commercial & Business Law allowed EGA Law Firm to innovate the concept of “law practice” in Natal strongly due to the fact that the law firm focus on preventive law, settling the client’s case before it becomes litigious by using several methods of negotiation. This is only possible due to the team of experienced and specialized attorneys who are part of EGA Law Firm. They practice the law in a holistic way, adapting their skills to the client’s needs and demands.

The EGA Law Firm has a large and modern physical structure, located in a prime area and economic center of the city of Natal, state of Rio Grande do Norte, northeast region of Brazil. The firm has several rooms, library, meeting room, auditorium for lectures and video conferencing with national and international clients.